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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Rape of Anna Nicole: Where's the Fire?


The Rape of Anna Nicole: Where's the Fire?: "The Rape of Anna Nicole
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The reason this is an important story:--the first is simply why is there the infactuation and interest? To understand this says something about Anna Nicole--but much more about American/ Western culture.

Another thing, which has been almost ignored by the feminist bloggers--is that this is the story of the rape and degradation of Anna Nicole. She became an object of scorn in our endless jokes--because she was such a little foolish hussy. And it is so much fun to tease the trampy girls--they just keep coming back for more.

And now the rape continues as the guys force every cent and bit of self respect out of her.

But that is ok--like all victims of rape--she asked for it:http://girlinshortshorts.blogs…"

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