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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

In case you have trouble uploading the collage


If you need a photo editor (that's easy to use) for uploading your collages to your blogs (a student emailed me and asked about what to do b/c the collage isn't in a format (currently they're scanned and saved as TIF files, which I'm surprised Blogger isn't able to handle) that's compatable with the blog's image upload process, feel free to download from the link below. After installing, open "Picassa" or "Picassa 2" (they call it one or the other), then open the file for the photo based on where you originally saved it (from the upload instructions email). Once you've opened it, go to file, save as (or "save a copy"), and the file window will open. Save it as a yourimage'sname.jpg and make sure that the line below the file also lists .jpg or .jpeg (and not the .tif information still) or "all files, *.*" to avoid saving it as the same file type. If it asks you to export or "flatten" your image, okay it until you're done and have a file called yourimage'sname.jpg (picassa may not show the filename in the window of the main screen, if that's the case, you can go open the folder from the "my documents" or "My Computer" in Windows, look for the file where you saved it, and make sure it was saved as a .jpg file. Then you can upload away!
Download Here!

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