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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

List of the Blog Buddies (aka blog partners)

Blog URL Blog Title Screenname Topic (Specific & General Categories)
1 Gender Representation in Advertisments Memoirs of Mi Mente Advertising Ads Michelle's Pop Culture Analysis Michelle Advertising Ads
2 Celebrities..... why are they so damn special!? Tony Mojo Celebrities Celebs Female "Stardom" Presented by the Media Katelyn Hollywood Female Ideology Celebs
3 Emerging Music (?) of the 21st Century Amanda Emo Music Music "Idol"-ology: Gender and Reality Television Amanda Ganza American Idol TV Britney Like Woah! PRlNCESSJESSS's Britney Spears Music
4 Nooch's Net Nook Miss Nooch Da Ali G Show TV Spencer's Blog Spencer The Office TV
5 Beauty and the Geek Devon Beauty and the Geek TV Model Behavior Erin America's Next Top Model TV
6 A Blurred Reality Jen Mur The Girls Next Door TV Gender and Race through Flavor of Love and Celebreality Melissa Flavor of Love TV
7 Gender, Race, and Class in Scrubs dgolazeski Scrubs TV Nicole's Grey's Anatomy Blog Nicole Grey's Anatomy TV
8 Get Your Blog On Kristian Professional Sports (or not a topic) Sports You know what really grinds my gears Kyle South Park (or not a topic) TV
9 What are we really laughing about? Jess B Family Guy TV Pat's Blog Digioac2 Family Guy TV
10 Thoughts from Tara: South Park Tara South Park TV More Than Just Cartoons Mr. Leo Mahaga Gender and Anime TV
11 Pop Culture Blogging jcb 24 Disney Girls Next Door (not clear what the topic is) TV "These pretzels are making me thirsty"... Mark Seinfeld TV
12 The Typical Woman in America: how women are portrayed in music, magazines, and reality t.v Darling C. Women in multiple forms of media Media
The Oprah Phenomenon Meli Oprah TV
13 Gender & Desperate Housewives Kristin Desperate Housewives TV Desperate for Desperate Housewives Lizzaydizay Desperate Housewives TV

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