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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Final Blog Presentations

Final Blog Presentations
Gender & Pop Culture Spring 2007 (WGS 220-05)
April 26 (Alex A-Dan G) &
April 30 (Spencer H-Melissa Z)

· Above any other goal for these presentations, I want you to show off! You've worked hard all semester and here's your chance to show the class your awesome blogs!

· You should have any material needed to illustrate the ''focus'' of your presentation on your blog for the presentation.

· Plan to present for 5-10 minutes. If this length sounds long, don't worry, the blog as your visual aid will take up more time than you may think)

· For everyone's sake (maintaining interest & attention) don't write out your entire presentation word-for-word. 3X5 cards with key words and phrases, or an outline are ideal reference methods for presentations

· Make sure your blog is neat & tidy for your presentation. Don’t worry about your final post being on the blog if it’s due after the date of your presentation (i.e. if you’re presenting on Thursday). Because you will need to have your blog “cleaned up” and readable for your final review as well as your presentation, once you’ve done it for the presentation you’ll be ready for your final review too.

· Citations from course readings are not required for this presentation. However, you should create a separate ‘presentation post’ if any video dips, links to sites, etc are necessary for your presentation.

· Adding this post-element is up to your judgment (whether it’s necessary for the presentation & is completely optional

The focus that’s probably most conducive to the presentation is the one that entails an explanation and analysis of the evolution of your understanding of your blog topic (i.e. shifting from watching a show for entertainment to the course’s analytical focus on gender).

You must be in class both days regardless of whether you’re presenting!

Monday is our last class (SOCS is wrong about the existence of a final exam and lists a time and date for this course) - there is no final!!! I’ve requested the exam to be removed several times over the last two months— so please disregard this date/time/location that’s listed for the course on SOCS

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