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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Power to Name -- For Etheridge, Oscar Nod Is a Dream


For Etheridge, Oscar Nod Is a Dream: "Melissa Etheridge knows all about labels. First there was the 'rock goddess' with the classic hit, 'Come to My Window.' Then there was 'lesbian singer.' Then came 'cancer survivor.' Now there's 'Oscar nominee.'

Etheridge, 45, competes in the best-song category for the anthem 'I Need to Wake Up' from the global-warming documentary, 'An Inconvenient Truth.'"

iWon News - Many Playboy Playmates Have Died Young


Linking the Inventing the Cosmo Girl Reading, watching the Girls Next Door in class last week, and the blog post about Smith from (last week? I think) article...that ties them all up...Miami AP, Bring us home!
iWon News - Many Playboy Playmates Have Died Young

iWon News - Laughs End With Bizarre Britney in Rehab


iWon News - Laughs End With Bizarre Britney in Rehab: "The 25-year-old pop star has been seen wearing skimpy outfits and partying heavily since filing for divorce from Kevin Federline in November, after two years of marriage.

On Friday night, Spears, the mother of two young sons, shaved her head bald. But that didn't send her into hiding as she was later seen wearing an inexpensive blond wig.

'You know, for these celebrities, it's really tough,' New York-based psychiatrist Gail Saltz told The Associated Press. 'They have no idea if anybody likes them for them. ... Everybody wants a piece. Everybody wants to make something off of her, get somewhere by her.'

Spears' very public divorce isn't helping matters, said Saltz, who also suggested that Spears could be suffering from postpartum depression."

The Lesson: Hollywood Stars Attend Obama Fundraiser


Celebrealitics (still working on this one...celebs and politics...?)
Yet another of pop culture's many incarnations...stars from a variety of industries, and the political
(or...when the right-wing haters of the liberal Hollywood-ers get upset for celeb activism...but then the right-wingers are the ones who get the stars to run (and win!...go figure!) for actual public office (whether these officials ever do terms of debatable...just watch last week's Daily Show coverage of CSPAN....yeah...not much there!). Bash Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins (hell...burn Jane Fonda at the stake if you listen to most of Fox's "news-ish" teleprompter readers) and then elect Reagan and Mr. Terminator...yeah...okay?
Pop culture is politics and politics is pop culture...
That's today's lesson!
Hollywood Stars Attend Obama Fundraiser
(and that's the link to the source of today's lesson above)

USA TODAY has a blog on Pop Culture! Pop Candy -


PR Group:
Get Whitney Matheson to cover our project!!! :o) That would be fun...mainstream press :o) Whether we can woo Whitney or not, we can still use this site as a resource!
Pop Candy -

Why Do People Even Bother??? Is Spongebob Gay? | Blogger Party


Is Spongebob Gay? | Blogger Party

Found a goldmine for pop culture :o)


Here's their "tag cloud" (don't know what a tag cloud is? Better google it!):
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Hi Class!Here's a link I found for you all on writing (it's from for your blogs :o)-Jessie

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