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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Women's and Gender Studies appreciation for Stephen Colbert- you bet! Don't Forget Foucault and The Daily Show!

I really don't know what I'd do without Comedy Central for my WGS courses at TCNJ! Gotta love Colbert and The Daily Show!

Where else would I have found today's clip that coincided perfectly with Foucault (The Daily Show from 2/1/07 for any other WGS faculty who may be interested)...

Blitzer's (lack of interview) with Dick Cheney in the "Incredibly Akward Social Situation Room" followed by John Oliver's overview of the Personal Politics of Cheney & what he can do to "us" in private, his family's untouchability, and even when they intersect they are still 'unspeakable' taboos... way to bring it all together for students in understanding Foucault's History of Sexuality!

We have sexuality, politics, power, and it's hidden unspeakability perfectly brought together in a student-friendly (aka- not Foucault's words!) format.
Plus, the interview with Gephardt that followed was the icing!

Loved this on CCinsider's blog :o)

May 10, 2007
Feminists Lick Colbert
Not content to confine their urges to the semesterly journal CHEEK, the Women's and Gender Studies Department at the College of Charleston has created a blog dedicated to their salacious appreciation of one Stephen Tyrone Colbert. Please ladies, must your assault on male hegemony include a disregard for the sanctity of that man's marriage? For shame! You're almost as bad as those Colbertophiles at the OSCLA. Or perhaps you're all taking cues from one of your Dear Leaders:

Comedy Central Insider - The Comedy Blog for Comedy Fans: The Colbert Report: "May 10, 2007Feminists Lick Colbert

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