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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Session B 2011 Blog Buddies & Peer Feedback Instructions


Buddies (Trio needs to decide who will be providing feedback to whom):
Quay's Gender & Pop Culture Blog
Dan's Gender & Pop Culture Blog

Ashley's Gender and Pop Culture Blog

Dan C's Gender & Pop Culture Bog

Brendan's Gender and Pop Culture Blog

Alexis' Gender & Pop Culture Blog

Sam's Womens and Popular Culture

Danielle's Gender and Pop Culture Blog

Sarah Jablonski's gender and pop culture blog

Kevin's Gender & Pop Culture Blog

Archie's Gender & Pop Culture Blog

kristi's pop culture bolg!

Tarah's GPC Blog

Aside from the first blog assignment (link hunt with simplified feedback based on relevance to subjects covered by/in class and the listing of analytical blog posts), your blog buddy feedback is detailed below:

On your "blog buddy's" blog, read their posted assignment and, provide feedback (in the "comments field") on:
2-3 ways/areas your "buddy" excelled (in the post you're commenting on)
2-3 areas that could be improved, and offer any suggestions for improvement.

*For all assignments other than the one due on the 9th (the link hunt...I'll post a modification to the buddy feedback)

After you've left your comment, create a new post on the Class notes blog with:

Title: [your name]'s feedback on [your blog buddy's name]:  [Title of post you commented on]
Link: [provide specific URL to the post on your blog buddy's blog that you commented on]
Main text editor area: [Copy and paste your feedback]
Please publish your post, then check the class notes blog to ensure that your post made it there, then click the title of the post you just created on the class notes blog to make sure you were able to get to the original post you commented on.

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