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Monday, March 26, 2007

The 4th Blog Post (Collage) due on Friday 3/30/07

For the blog collage assignment; use images to analyze your topic. Your collage should have a "thesis" (i.e. it makes a statement/argument about your topic using images instead of written language) that makes a claim about your topic, which is grounded by an author's claim from any of the course readings so far this semester.

Therefore, the image collage will need to be titled appropriately for the argument it makes, include the source used for the basis of the "statement" your collage makes, include gender as a primary method for analysis, and should be followed by a 1 paragraph explanation of the collage's representation of your topic (include direct quotes from the source that you used to base your collage's "thesis" on in this paragraph).

The 3rd Blog Post due by Friday 3/30/07

To recap the 3rd blog post assignment (that can be turned in by this Friday), find examples from your topic to analyze the ways that your topic is a part of popular culture and disseminates both counter-hegemonic and hegemonic messages.

Look at the conflicts in these messages and use the readings from the course to get you thinking about what to look for in your own topic, and also to support your claim(s) about the(se) message(s).

Please keep this post clear and concise (and make sure you hit "enter" two times to mark the beginning of a new paragraph b/c tabs don't always show up on the blog and a single "enter" makes the paragraph differentiation tough to decipher). 3 or 4 paragraphs are ideal for this assignment and make sure you cite sources appropriately (both from course readings and from your examples for your topic).

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