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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blog Post #1: (Counter)Hegemonic Representations of Femininity and Masculinity in an aspect of Pop Culture


Choose a very narrow aspect of popular culture to analyze (an episode of a TV show/music video/etc)
Analyze how your chosen piece of pop culture both (re)creates/enforces hegemonic representations and understandings of masculinity and femininity and how this same piece simultaneously disrupts these messages (counter-hegemonic representations).
Use at least 2 course readings (direct quotes) to support your argument that support your thesis (located in the last sentence of the first paragraph, aka your intro)
Avoid including too much narration of the show, instead write in a clear analytical manner that targets a aspect of pop culture, which both reinforces and disrupts hegemonic masculinity and femininity in US pop culture. Note: Most elements of popular culture do both reinforcement and disruption of these constructs; therefore, don’t focus on just hegemony or just counter-hegemony.
You may choose to focus on a specific character if your find yourself with too many examples from the show (in order to keep the length manageable and close to the equivalent of a 3 page paper).
Cite in text citations using MLA format and include a Works Cited List at the end of your post (also in MLA format). Avoid paraphrasing the texts you include and choose only the most relevant quotes to support your points (you may use more than 2 sources; however, I expect that you’ll need at least 2 short quotes from each of the 2 sources to adequately support your thesis).
Remember, your goal is to analyze this piece of pop culture (analysis and judgment are not the same and if anything, judgment in place of analysis is counterproductive).
Remember to look at both masculinity and femininity in both male and female-appearing characters

The post is due on Thursday by 9pm
Comments will be posted to your blog in the “comments” section by me
Grades (alpha-numeric) will be posted to the SOCS gradebook.

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