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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Final Blog Post Assignment

Final Blog Post Assignment
Gender & Pop Culture (WGS 220 05)
Spring 2007
Due Friday, April 27, 2007

See “Options for Final Blog Posts” to choose your focus before writing this final post assignment.
  • Make sure that the focus you've chosen can be clearly analyzed in relation to your blogs topic
  • Read the comments that your blog buddy wrote for you before beginning this assignment
  • Your chosen focus should be conducive to a "final wrap up" for your blog and its topic
  • Posts must cite a course reading that is from a source you haven't yet used in a previous blog post
  • Posts can be a bit longer than previous posts; however, keep it focused on your thesis (your argument will be about your topic in relation to your focus) and keep the length at 8 paragraphs or less
  • Each Paragraph must be related to your argument and support that argument (remember the 1st post when I gave you the simple guide to analysis via the SOCS assessment?)

  • If you are concerned about how to make this assignment meet the requirements, please see the "Guide to the Blog Post" resource I created. It covers the thesis, relating paragraphs to the thesis, contextualizing quotes, using the appropriate quote/source, how to integrate them, and also includes a visual diagram for your post (helpful if you’re a more visual learner).

    Reminder: Office hours are after class in Bliss 117 on Monday from the end of class until 12:30 or 1:00 pm (set up an appointment if you have a class that meets directly after GPC if you’d like to meet with me at a different time/day)

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