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Friday, April 13, 2007

MTV Real World 20 Casting Call -They're looking for people with aspirations AND goals!

For those of you with relevant reality tv blog topics and/or an interest, here's a challenge for your final blog assignment (or those of you in desperate need of extra credit - you know who you are!)...

As absurd as this one sounds...albeit much more challenging than it sounds's your alternative to blogging in text for your final blog assignment related to gender and power/empowerment through representation:

Submit your audition tape to me and Bunim/Murray to audition for the Real World...
To make it count for your final blog post, you have to actually want to audition (eh hem...and it'll be obvious to me if you're not sincere) and you need to highlight you...not sensationalized...not stereotypical reality tv/real world [insert explicative here]:
1. Be yourself
2. Tell them about your actual goals and aspirations
3. They are (supposedly) looking for a new cast that isn't the norm---so bring gender, race, class, sexuality and your awareness of these issues into the forefront of your presentation of can you make reality tv on the real world different from what it has been? Why has your study of gender and pop culture made you perfect to provide this different role?
4. I'm sure being at a top US college will help you too; however, what is it that makes you different from the celebrity-obsessed, fame seeking norm that this tv genre has come to depend for its cast?
5. Your tape must be sent as an audition tape and be clearly representative of the concepts you've learned this semester. You actually need to want to pursue this venue for social change for this to be a viable final assignment... we can talk if you're interested in doing this one :o)

Guess what? It's still related to power and empowerment through representation!

MTV Real World 20 Casting Call - May be the Last Season MTV Real World Road Rules News Blog: "Bunim-Murray has recently announced they are casting for the 20th and what may be the last MTV Real World season.

The on-site casting location schedule will be posted here but until that time you can submit a video with these Real World Audition Tape Tips.

Real World Sydney, being the 19th season, started filming in February 2007 and MTV is only contracted for 20 seasons which as of yet has not been extended further.

The details on what the producers are looking for from the applicants is listed below:

For Real World’s upcoming 20th season, we are searching for cast members with career and life goals that they want to pursue in a major metropolitan city.

Aspiring actors, models, dancers, filmmakers, musicians, athletes, artists, journalists, stylists, and fashion designers are particularly encouraged to apply, as well anyone else with interesting career goals and a passion to succeed."

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