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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The semester is quickly coming to an end!

The agenda for the remainder of the big blog experiment is on the class notes page.
The website home for the class has also been updated recently & I've divided the class into partners (or "blog buddies" as they've been coined) to give content related feedback on their blogs. The list of blog buddies has been emailed to the class, but will also be posted here too (shortly!).

Agenda for the rest of the semester:

Monday, April 9

Ch 39, “The Pornography Debates: Beyond Cause and Effect,” 406-416

Blog Buddies will be assigned via email w/ time for work w/ Blog buddy during Thursday's Class

Thursday, April 12

Read through your blog buddy's blog before class today

Zia, “Where Race and Gender Meet: Racism, Hate Crimes, and Pornography,” 496-498

Friday, April 13

No Blog post this week- just work with your blog-partner to give feedback and apply feedback from partner

Monday, April 16

Lee, “The New Girls Network: Women, Technology, and Feminism,” 248-251

Thursday, April 19

Haraway, Ch 7, "Facts, Witnesses, & Consequences," 267-271

Friday, April 20

Blog Buddy Work

Monday, April 23

Workshop in Class

Important! Preparing for the final presentations & final Blog post.

Thursday, April 26

Final Presentation of Blog Project – Individual Presentations (4-26 & 4-30)

Alphabetically: Alex A- Dan G

Friday, April 27

Final Blog Post: Wrapping up the analysis (further details will be posted to SOCS & the main Blog)

Monday, April 30

Final Presentation of Blog Project – Individual Presentations (4-26 & 4-30)

Alphabetically: Spencer H- Melissa Z

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